At Auto-truck, you can find Atego, the general-purpose Mercedes-Benz trucks designed for transport and distribution. It is very reliable and efficient and will be a good investment for your business. It can be used in every sector and customized to fit the unique needs of your industry.

The truck comes in four different cabs designed with convenience, comfort, and functionality in mind. Its cockpits are also in three variants – classic, comfort, and standard. All these varieties give you the chance to find one that fits your operational needs.

The truck is equipped with different optional, customisable, and standard features that are designed to make the use efficient, and investment profitable. The features include:

Ease of Use: The tools needed are arranged in a cluster that allows you to reach everything while seating. The steering wheel alone has eight control buttons around it, and the instrument cluster also has a reversing camera that lets the driver see the back without turning. All this ensures the operations of the truck is very convenient for the driver.

Comfort: The truck comes with standard suspension seats, and there is an option of switching to air-conditioned seats with inbuilt heating that makes sitting comfortable no matter the weather.

Connectivity: The Mercedes Fleetboard features of the truck allows you to monitor its movement and communicate with the driver, all from the application on your phone. This means you can easily schedule deliveries and haulage and communicate with any member of your fleet to execute it. Thus, you maximise the use of your truck.

Fuel efficiency: The truck is also very efficient in fuel usage. From the body designs, which are optimised to reduce wind resistance, the truck has a low aerodynamic level, which reduces fuel consumption.

Safety: The truck integrates the innovative technologies of all Mercedes-Benz products to ensure safety. It comes with Active Brake Assist, which identifies obstacles on the part, warns the driver about it, and in some cases, executes full brake application to prevent or reduce the impact of a collision. Even though the standard brake is highly rated, you can still get an optional high-performance engine brake. There is Trailer Stability Assist That carries out preventive braking in exceptional situations. The Lane Keeping Assist system also checks the distance between the truck and lane markings and warn when the truck is swerving off lane unintentionally.

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