This Mercedes Benz minibus comes in many variants and can function efficiently in different areas. When it comes to any sector where there’s a need to transfer people, be it schools, airports, tour services, work crews, etc. The sprinter offers an unrivalled option in comfort and usefulness.


Safety: This van represents the commitment and g Mercedes to the safety of its cars and customer. Since 2002, it has had the Electronic Stability Program as a core feature and was the vehicle that first had the Adaptive Electronic Stability Program. Today, it has other features such as Cross Wind Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, and Adaptive Brake Assist. All these features work together to ensure you and your passengers’ safety while driving.

Comfort: The van has a freshly updated ergonomically designed cockpit. It is fully functional and well planned with optional features like a colour display screen and the multifunctional steering wheel. The new model now has a console with fourteen switches and 12 signal lights easily reachable by the driver while driving. The van comes with an air-conditioning placed by the roof so it can circulate and regulate the air within. The air-conditioning in the passenger cabin is regulated independently of the one in the driver’s part. The passenger cabin is equipped with reclining seats with foldable armrests. And it comes with USB charging sockets for passengers.

Ease of use: Driving should be fun and easy, not a stressful exercise. The Sprinter transfer makes the driving experience a convenience for you. Starting from its keyless start, this van boasts of features that will make any driver want to own it. A core feature that further contributes to its ease of use is its connectivity module, making it more convenient to monitor and manage the vehicles in your fleet.

Flexibility: The van is a highly adaptable van in all respects. You can customise various features to fit your purpose and comfort. For instance, the van has a standard seat for 15 passengers, but this can be expanded to 18 to nineteen passenger seats. You can also choose whether to get the Mercedes-Benz 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission or a rear-wheel drive. It is a van that makes room for all your driving preferences just to ensure that you and your passengers have an overall good time on-board.

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