This truck is one of the newest trucks from Mercedes Benz. Since its launch, it has garnered multiple awards and positive reviews from all angles. One of the most significant being the international truck of the year for 2020. More transportation companies across Europe are using this truck.  It exemplifies what the Mercedes Benz model stands for – efficiency, safety, and connectivity. This truck comes with many fantastic features that will make every drive a blissful experience for you. These Features includes:

Safety Features: The truck includes different innovative features that guarantee safety and security for the driver, passenger, other road users, and whatever it carries. Some of the safety features are –

  • Active Drive Assist: A feature that allows for assisted automated driving at any speed. This is a ground-breaking feature that no other truck has. The assisted driving can automatically steer the wheels, apply the brake, and increase acceleration. As a safety feature, it maintains a set distance between the truck and the vehicle ahead. Also, it can steer the truck back when it goes off the lane.
  • MirrorCam: The New Actros uses MirrorCam instead of the regular exterior mirrors. This is a tiny camera on both sides of the roof frame that records and transfers images to monitors in the truck, giving the driver a more extensive view of the whole road layout. The cameras also display the distance line between the truck and objects, so there’s no need for objects in the mirror are closer than they appear, the driver can tell how close they are.
  • Other safety features include an emergency braking system that uses radar and cameras to react in accident situations, as well as Sideguard Assist to reduce the risk of an accident on the co-driver side.

Fuel efficiency: The trunk engine is low on fuel consumption despite its power. It also incorporates Predictive Powertrain control, which is a system that optimises driving on all routes. It does this by gathering data about the routes, which can ensure smooth driving and aid fuel efficiency.

Connectivity: The truck comes with a data centre that gives the owners access anytime through Mercedes-Benz Uptime and Fleetboard apps.  Thus, it improves and efficient use of the truck.

It also includes numerous standard and optional features tailored to ensure reliability, comfort, and ease of driving. At Auto-Truck, you can get this perfect truck for your business or organization and start enjoying the dividends. Contact us today to get started.