Trucks do not come cheap, and when you think of acquiring one or more, to add to your fleet or start a fleet, you have to think in terms of hundreds of thousands. Not many people have that much money lying around, and even if you do, investing it into direct acquisition may not be the best choice. It is usually better to go for financing unless you can’t get a lower interest rate than you’ll get when you invest the money yourself.

That said, you most likely don’t even have the cash lying around to make such a purchase, so you need financing. The only other option is to wait till you have the cash, that might take forever, and the market won’t wait that long. Quitting on your dreams because you don’t have the cash to pursue it isn’t right, so you need financing.

There are various ways you can’t get financing to buy your truck; you can go to the traditional lenders like banks; this will likely be a lengthy process with a low chance of success unless your credit is exceptional. Even then, they will ask for collateral. The better option is to apply for financing through us.

At Auto-Truck, we provide financing services for our customers by helping them secure the necessary loans and other finance options to acquire their trucks of choice and scale up their business. We finance trucks for businesses at a very favourable rate. As experts in the trucks industry, we know the value these vehicles can bring to your business, especially when you purchase a quality and reputable brand like Mercedes Benz.

We are experts at all kinds of Financing and work with you to get you the most suitable loan. Our financing services include:

Hire Purchase

We provide hire-purchase options for our customers, which allow them to acquire the truck on hire at first and spread payment for it between three to five years. All you have to do is pay an initial deposit, which is usually low and depends on the truck’s price. Our interest rates are favourable when compared with what obtains in the market, and the terms are flexible, with due consideration for your financial position. The hire purchase agreement comes with a fixed monthly payment so that you won’t be paying too much, and you can maintain positive cash flow.  After fulfilling all the terms of the hire purchase agreement, the truck’s ownership is immediately transferred to you. Hire purchase is not only for brand new trucks, but you can get hire purchase for used trucks too.

Lease Finance

Leasing gives you flexibility and freedom when you need a truck. Its most significant benefit is that it gives you room to upgrade your truck, and in some cases, your lease agreement may include an option to buy it after some time. When you lease a truck, you are only paying for monthly usage, and you don’t have to worry about owning the property for yourself. This can be very efficient and economical for your business, especially when you don’t need a truck for its whole working life.

Sale and Hire Purchase Back

This is another fantastic way to finance your expansion. You can sell your truck to us and finance it back with Hire purchase, so you’re still able to use it. And you have extra resources to expand your business further.


You can also restructure your existing financing to create more room and secure new finance. On the other hand, you can use free up money by using the truck you already own to secure a new loan.

Whichever options you choose to go for when financing, we at Auto-truck are committed to helping you secure the right financing for your Mercedes Benz truck. Financing is available for both new and used trucks, so there is no restriction on your options.

Why Choose Us

  • Our team of business and commercial experts will find the right finance deal for you
  • The financing terms are flexible, and you can structure it to fit into your peculiar position
  • Interest rate is fixed throughout the life of the loan, so you can efficiently plan your finances
  • Range of competitive finance products means you will find the right one for you in all circumstances
  • The monthly repayment is low and allows you to maintain your cash flow without feeling burdened by the loan
  • Expert advice and recommendations from our team to guide you through the whole process
  • We are in partnership with various truck financing lenders in the market, both traditional and non-traditional
  • No Hidden charges when you finance your truck acquisition through us, we pride ourselves in doing everything in an open and trusting manner.

Contact us today to learn more about the available options for truck financing.