The Unimog is a multipurpose vehicle built to lift heavy load and equipment with ease. Although it looks small in appearance compared with other trucks, it is a very efficient vehicle with surprising ability. It is very comfortable to use with a spacious workplace that can take up to three people, including the driver. Its floor is flat, and the controls arranged in such a way that they are accessible and efficient to use.


Comfort: The workplace is designed to make the user feel safe and comfortable. It has an adjustable steering column, therefore allowing the driver to sit in the ideal way necessary to operate the vehicle. It comes with other standard and optional features like the driver seat with air-sprung options, which, alongside the low vibration cap, can help the driver to combat fatigue. The heating and air-conditioning systems within the vehicle also mean the weather inside can be left at an optimal level no matter what is happening outside. The seats also have heating inbuilt, and this can be very functional in the winter.

Safety and efficiency: Its amazing features are not restricted to making it comfortable. It is also a very efficient car in all circumstances. It functions well both on and off-road and can be used for various purposes. The panoramic view of its windscreen also ensures safety and concentration during operations. Its short nose also makes it easier to see ahead and is valuable when using a front-mounted implement.

Ease of Use: The truck is designed to be easy to operate The steering wheel is multifunctional, with brake activation, gear selection, and other features all controlled through it. You can also check air pressure, oil level, and change its hydraulic system from the steering.

There are other standard and customisable features like

  • Heated wonders and mirrors for clear vision
  • A heating system that can be programmed to start based on the weather
  • A transferrable VarioPilot steering wheel that you can switch between seats
  • A Removable joystick in the centre console that can be used for controlling speed, the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse (EQR) system, and other implements.
  • Optional cameras and monitoring system that lets the driver know all that is happening outside.
  • All-Wheel Drive and steering features for surmounting any hurdle on its path, and lots more that makes this truck very versatile and usable in every sector from construction to agriculture.

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