If your work involves going off the road a lot, the Unimog is the best truck for you. The truck is built to conquer the toughest roads and terrains. While other models offer fantastic qualities, the U4023 and U5023 brings out the best of Mercedes. Aesthetically, there are designed like sports cars with their very short nose. While this design adds to the beauty of the truck, it also serves functional purposes. The engine and cab are placed farther away from the chassis.

Its chassis has the freedom and flexibility to articulate its wheel farther than any other production vehicle. Its stronger and more flexible chassis ensure it always has a tyre on the ground has traction. The only significant difference between the two cars is load capacity with an 8000 pounds’ difference. The trucks’ overhang is shorter than their counterparts with 44° and 51° on approach and departure, respectively. The U5023 also has the option of a double cab that can sit seven people.


Fuel Efficiency: The truck comes with a four-cylinder diesel turbo engine that significantly improves fuel use, adds more power, and makes driving better. The transmission is also faster with improvement in throttle response and engine smoothness

Reliability: The truck is built to survive all kinds of roads, and standard and optional features are integrated to achieve this. Such include the Tirecontrol Plus – a system that lets you choose the right tyre pressure based on the condition of the road you are driving on. It has three default modes of road, bad surface, and sand.

Ease of use: Operating the vehicle is effortless based on its design and features. For instance, its steering wheel is adjustable and contains a multifunctional control pad. Also, cameras and microphone are on the exterior to allow communication between outside and inside without rolling down windows.

Durability: Longevity is one of its selling points. This is achieved with a welded frame, reinforced axle, and metal protection for all power units and equipment that are not installed in a safe position. This truck can ford water as long as it is not deeper than 1200 mm.

The truck is very versatile for various off-the-road purposes. Be it mining, rescues, off the grid construction work, combating forest fires, or even adventures, Unimog U4023 – U5023 are extremely cable trucks.

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