The Mercedes Benz V-Class is the vehicle for adventures, road trips, family trips, and all group activity, whether it is fun or work. It’s a great vehicle for both business and leisure. It comes in three models, Avant-garde, Exclusive, and Standard.


Safety: The V-Class does not relax on the safety features that have made Mercedes Benz a darling of drivers in the past. The van comes with a Mercedes Benz Intelligent Drive that assists you in your driving to ensure complete safety. It includes safe driving features like Attention Assist, Cross Wind Assist, Headlight Assist, etc. and preventive/protection features in case of danger such as Collision Prevention Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Pre-Safe, and many others. Apart from the regular airbags, there are window-bags and side-bags for those in the front seat.

Flexibility: While some other Mercedes Benz vans have optional seating that can increase the number of people sitting within the van, V-Class does better. It can take only eight passengers, but in whatever seating arrangements they choose. Whether they choose to sit in a circular for or adopt rectangular seating arrangements, the V-Class the needed space to take all seating configurations.

Space: When in the business of moving people from one location to another, space is essential. The V-Class is designed with spacious areas for passengers, driver, and cargo. Space is even more optimised with a sliding sunroof that offers passenger access to natural air and light, so you don’t have to worry about using air-conditioning all day, especially not on days when the weather is pleasant. The car is built not just for passengers but also for cargo. This reflects in its designs, such as a sliding door to make it easier to load and unload cargo in a restricted traffic space, it can also be used by passengers for entry and exit. The rear window can as well be opened to load in cargo. Where you have extra load, you can add towbar and roof storage to create more space.

Comfort: While the car looks elegant on the exterior, this is nothing compared to the interior, where luxury is combined with functionality to give you a stylish and comfortable atmosphere.

Fuel Efficiency: the car has three different engine types, with the highest consuming 6.5l of fuel per 100km. All these engines also have very low emissions to comply with the European emission standards.

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