If you’re in the transportation business, a Mercedes Valente is a vehicle you should not miss out on. It is comfortable, safe, fuel-efficient, and designed to give you and your passengers a wonderfully good time. Taking eight to nine passengers, it is the luxury commercial vehicle for moving people within the urban areas. It is versatile and will be a perfect fit for any sector where people need to be transported.


Durability: Mercedes Benz prides itself on building reliable cars that will give you maximum comfort for a long time. The Valente is no different from the rest in this aspect. It is a strong and reliable van that ensures you spend little on maintenance and repair.

Safety: Mercedes Benz is known for top of the line safety features that guarantee the security of the driver, the passengers, and other road users as well. The Valente comes equipped with all these features either by standard or customisable option. Cross Wind Assist, Attention Assist, Adaptive Electronic Stability Program Collision Prevention Assist, etc. are only a few of its comprehensive safety systems.

Application Areas: The Valente is a versatile van that can be used in any sector. No matter the nature of your business or industry, people within move from one place to another. Valente makes the movement faster and more comfortable. It has been used by schools, tour companies, airports, hotels, families, sports teams, etc. Its exceptional passenger cabin guarantees that your passengers will have nothing to complain about throughout the journey, and it has enough room to sit nine or eight people comfortably.

Comfort: The cabin is designed to comfortable for both drivers and passengers. The instrument is clear, legible, and easy to reach while the floor of the vehicle and its interior lining can be easily cleaned. It comes with a semi-automatic air-conditioning to keep the interior cool all the time. The driver cabin is made extra comfy to ensure ease of operations for the driver. It comes with comfortable seats covered with durable fabric, and there is an option of heated seating for the seats in this cabin. Also, if you wish to maximise the vehicle’s space, you can replace the two seats in the front for a three-seater bench.

The van also comes with a multifunctional electromechanical power steering with an adjustable wheel.

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